• V Beverages Ltd - the wholly owned subsidiary of Momentous Holdings Corp.


    V Beverages Ltd., founded in 2015 1, is a modern craft beverage company committed to producing handcrafted, award-winning products with minimal impact to the environment. At V Beverages, we use unique and modern processes to produce our botanical spirits rather than inefficient conventional methods - under the guise of our brand name 'Victory'.


    Our cutting-edge technology helps us to conserve energy, reduce water waste and guarantee consistently delicious products. We strive to be the world leader of award-winning, low carbon, eco-friendly alcohol beverage products.

    Originally, our Victory Gin served as the house pour with our partner, the Draft House 2 , a Brewdog Company (Market Cap I $2.3B) 3 - which underpinned our early stage growth.

    Based in the capital for gin, London, United Kingdom, our Company is a small but skilled team of experts. Our product line-up is led by Chief Distiller, Max Chater, a genius of modern distillation methods and is well known and respected by many leading bartenders in London.


    V Beverages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Momentous Holdings Corp., a US publicly traded Company, with the ticker symbol MMNT.


    We are confident you will taste 'Victory' in every sip!


    To purchase products or contact the distillery please visit www.victorylondon.co.uk


    1 A V Beverages Ltd. wholly owned operating subsidiary

    2 www.drafthouse.co.uk

    3 Herald Scotland - January 12, 2018. Value based on currency exchange rate on September 1, 2018