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Victory E17

Artist Collaboration

Victory E17 Artist Collaboration

Introducing Amber from Eastern Rose Designs

This summer we're beginning our bar residency at Wood Street Coffee, Blackhorse Workshop in E17.

We wanted to make some super special, exclusive drinks to serve at the bar, to both celebrate the three core products in our range, and the hugely creative environment we'll be working in.

We approached Amber Rose from Eastern Rose Designs to help us create bespoke labels for our three bottled, carbonated cocktails which will be the central focus for our menu this summer.

Amber is, without a doubt the most appropriate person to collaborate with on this project. Not only is she a talented E17 based artist, but she is also the manager at Wood Street Coffee and very much a part of the community at Blackhorse Workshop.

Much like ourselves, Amber's work is botanicals focussed. Her floral, fine and delicate designs and her confident use of colour Is exactly what we needed to achieve a stark contrast from our paired back and largely monochrome image.

In terms of a brief, we asked Amber to draw inspiration from the ingredients in the cocktails and the defining botanicals in Victory Gin, Victory Vodka and Victory Bitter.

In the medium of line drawing and watercolour Amber illustrated:

Bitter Peach

Peaches, Wild Thyme

Bees Knees

Honey Bee, Honeycomb, Juniper

Mela Rossa

Apple, Apple Blossom, Coffee Plant

Follow Amber @easternrosedesigns and contact her via instagram for any collaborations or commissions!

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