• The Environment And V Beverages Ltd.

    What we are doing to help...


    At V Beverages, we are dedicated to the environment as much as the quality of our products. As such, we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable packaging systems to reduce waste & distribution weight.


    V Beverages introduced the eco-Pouch to the gin market and now we are taking one step further with the distribution of our spirits in 20-litre KeyKegs. Most importantly our cold distillation enables both a lower carbon footprint than a traditional hot process, while maintaining crisp botanical flavours - a double Victory if you will.

  • Distillation

    Starting with our distillation process that uses cutting-edge technology instead of the traditional copper stills helps us to conserve energy, reduce water waste. In addition, our distillery has been designed so that it will be replicated in major markets to reduce the carbon print associated with the international transport of finished goods.


    Three Bottles In One & 100% Recyclable

    We package Victory products in fully recyclable eco-pouches. In doing so, we cut our packaging waste by over 85%. Each pouch holds enough liquid to refill 3x 700ml bottles. A case of Victory is either, 6x700ml glass bottles or 2x2100ml eco-pouches. A case of eco-pouches weighs 4kg less than a case of glass bottles, thus decreasing our carbon footprint. We use the eco-pouch to be environmentally friendly, practical and hassle-free for the customer. The eco-pouch is transparent with a small pour spout that fits directly into our glass bottles. Our decision to use a pour spout as opposed to the commonly used tap was to eliminate the problem of excess product getting trapped in the bag once it is seemingly empty. By simply inverting our eco-pouch, all of the product is dispensed via vacuum.


    The Future Of Spirit Distribution & 100% Recyclable

    We use KeyKeg dispense packaging for either bulk Victory spirits or kegged Victory cocktails. These 20L kegs are the next step in our goal to reduce product packaging and to lower CO2 emissions. The unique design of these single-use recyclable kegs ensures optimum product quality and shelf life. The two-compartment system, with a laminated inner bag inside a high-tech PET pressure vessel, provides an easy dispense system, with zero gas or oxygen interaction. Delivering spirits in KeyKeg, to refill glass Victory bottles, massively reduces packaging waste. One 20L keg is equivalent to 28x700ml glass bottles. The weight saving on packaging alone is over 20Kg.


    Victory also supplies a KeyKeg pump tap. This enables the customer to refill the bottle directly from the keg which can be stored anywhere.